Video shows how to hack Apple’s Touch ID

One of the hackers who recently showed us that it is possible to trick Apple’s fingerprint sensor just realeased a video on there Vimeo channel showing the process on how he did it.

Earlier this week, a group of hackers in Germany, known as the Chaos Computer Club, took credit for bypassing the biometric security on the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. That hack was accomplished by scanning someone’s fingerprint and ultimately using that to gain access to that person’s iPhone 5S.

Posted on Vimeo by one of the hackers known as Starbug, the video takes us through the entire process from the initial scan to the actual fingerprint trickery. The hacker scans an iPhone 5S that already has someone’s fingerprint. He then tweaks the scan to perfect the image of the fingerprint.

The scan is printed to paper and then to a circuit board, which undergoes a chemical bath. A dummy print eventually emerges, which is used to fool the security of the Touch ID, thus giving the hacker entry into the iPhone.

Starbug told Ars Technica that the hack posed no challenge. He said he expected the process to take a week or two. Instead, it chewed up around 30 hours from start to finish. With better preparation, he claims it would’ve taken only half an hour.

Now a lot of people are going crazy because they found a way to hack the iphone 5s fingerprint, but it’s not something an everyday thief can do. You will have to go over multiple steps to be able to make  such a dummy and even claiming that it would take an half an hour this could take days for an average thief with no knowledge off the procedure shown in the video, requiring manipulated scans, chemical baths, and printed circuit boards.

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