Malware jumps over the need of an working network connection

Computer scientists have developed malware capable of establishing communications between devices that don’t have active network connections. You might think without the internet factor they could be no way to infiltrate the device besides being physically there and uploading it via usb or some other method. Using the built-in microphones and speakers found on PCs, … Continue reading


Coming usb connector fits reversed

The organization behind the USB specification will work on a new connector, which like the Lightning connector from Apple is ‘reversible’. It does thus  not matter how the connector is inserted in a device. A big frustration that the user have is that they put it in the wrong way this … Continue reading


Valve files patent on half-life 3

After a the last week announcement of valve we didn’t expect this. Valve has filed a trademark application for Half-Life 3 in the European Union. Here’s the skinny, in Polygon’s words: The OHIM’s database lists the Half-Life 3 trademark as owned by Valve Corporation, and filed on its behalf by … Continue reading


Video shows how to hack Apple’s Touch ID

One of the hackers who recently showed us that it is possible to trick Apple’s fingerprint sensor just realeased a video on there Vimeo channel showing the process on how he did it. Earlier this week, a group of hackers in Germany, known as the Chaos Computer Club, took credit … Continue reading


AMD Unveils R7 & R9 GPUs: R9 290X “Our Most Powerful GPU Yet”

Even tough not being able to visit there event where they revealed the new series of gpu’s we still got to watch them on youtube. AMD is also doing something a little bit different as well this time around by announcing all the new gpu’s at one time, which is not … Continue reading


Owners of filesharing sites face up to 6 year of jail time after change in the law

Pirecy is a big problem in Spain but they are now well on the way to cracking down on the problem. Changes in the penal code have been approved yesterday. Website administrators who share content on there website without the permission of the owner can face up to 6 year … Continue reading


Tesla Patents Next-Gen Electric Car Battery that Gets 650 km on a Single Charge

Electric cars are probably the future of our transportation but it has one major issue, how far the car can travel on one charge. A car that can travel 100 km on a single charge might be okay for a fast shopping trip or getting groceries but it won’t bring … Continue reading


The Samsung ATIV Q

For the people who followed the samsung permiere 2013 livestream have already heard about the Ativ Q. It’s an 13.3″ tablet on the diagonal, its resolution designated “qHD+,” or a wooping 3200×1800, for a pixel density of 275ppi. It doesn’t reach the Samsung’s Nexus 10 tablet, but it beats out Apple’s current-generation, 264ppi iPad. What is under … Continue reading


NVIDIA’s Shield now $300

NVIDIA revealed both the new, lower price and release date today in a blog post which cited gamers asking for a lower price as the reason for the change. “We’ve heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was $299, we’d have a home run,” the post reads. It’s … Continue reading


Consumer version of Google Glass will contain OLED-on-silicon

The consumer version of Google Glass will contain OLED-on-silicon from Samsung, say sources from Korea. The current developer version of Google Glass shows his image through a small projector based on liquid-crystal-on-silicon. According to the Korea times the consumer version off Google glass will contain OLED-on-silicon instaid off the current LCOS. The … Continue reading


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login/registration sytem

In this small series I will show you how to secure your website with an login/registration system.


Overclocking has a lot of benefits. Many of the newer video cards come with software that will let you adjust the clock and processor speed of the card. But some of the older ones are locked so you won’t be able to overclock these. So you will need to config some files to do so.


Photoshop Cs5 has a new tool called Refine edges. Realy usefull tool for photographers as well as for home users. What does it do ? Refine Edge helps you replace tricky backgrounds and fine details (soft edges and hair) from a photo with ease.
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